How Holy Family’s gardens grow

Elder Care Community Council of Franklin County, ECCC,  is gearing up for spring cleaning and planting of the gardens at the Holy Family Senior Center, 203 Dr. Frederick Humphries Drive in Apalachicola. Everyone is welcome to stop by the garden and stroll through anytime.  Blanket flower, porter weed, cone flowers, native milkweed, Passion flower, lavender, St; John’s wort, and many herbs are thriving and returning from the cold winter.  If you are interested in getting involved in this outdoor activity, even if you have no gardening experience or if you have a green thumb, call us at 850-370-0116 or email us at  Everyone is welcome to join in.  The gardens include a dedicated native plant garden, certified by and boxes dedicated to vegetables. The vegetable boxes will supply herbs and veggies for the lunches served to seniors out of the kitchen at Holy Family. ECCC is holding our Fanraiser and is collecting box fans, or donations to purchase fans, to help keep everyone over age 55 cool this summer.  Please donate by dropping off fans or a check at Holy Family Senior between 10am and 2pm or call us and we will pick them up, 850-370-0116.  Check out our Facebook site at ECCC – E Triple C or our website at  ECCC is a 501(c)(3) community organization dedicated to improving the lives of those over age 55 living in Franklin county.  We are the bridge connecting elders to support.