Frost Pottery and Kit Fessey Donate Family Tree

Elder Care Community Council of Franklin County, ECCC,  accepts a family tree from Kit Fessey of St. George Island. Ellen Ashdown, also of St. George Island, writes this about the tree and the gift to Holy Family Senior Center in Apalachicola:  This family tree has real branches. Well, let’s say leaves. Its 16-year, 3-generational saga began when Kit Fessey and her late husband, Ken, were looking after a St. George Island house for absent owners. Fessey says, “We found a little orphan plant — two stalks with a few leaves.” After three months, they adopted it. “That was Mom and Dad.” Today, this plant’s giant grandchild — 12 feet tall — is reaching for the sky in a new place, the Holy Family Senior Center in Apalachicola. Fessey had long been looking for a higher home: “It was growing out of the house unless I took the roof off.”  With a healthy home found, transportation was the next tall problem. Who and how? Dena Frost of Eastpoint’s Frost Pottery Garden to the rescue. She happily delivered the beauty, identifying it as a corn plant, dracaena fragrans.  Fessey gave an original plant (“Mom” in her mind) to a friend and watched descendants propagate and move to adorn other homes. “This grandchild,” she says, “was determined to outdo everyone else in the family. It’s so healthy — the sky’s the limit.” Fessey loves the plant and knows it’s in a better place, where many people can enjoy it. She even donated a remaining smaller sibling, explaining, “I’m not going to split them up now.”
ECCC is grateful to Ms. Fessey, Ms. Ashdown and the Frost Pottery Garden for adding to the beauty at the Center.  ECCC appreciates everyone’s thoughtfulness and coordination to make this donation a possibility.  If you are interested in participating, donating, volunteering or partnering with us, you can contact ECCC at or 850.370.0116. Please visit our facebook pages Holy Family Senior Center and ECCC-E Triple C to stay informed on the latest outreach efforts.