July 2020

Elder Care Community Council of Franklin County is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with a mission to bridge the gaps for seniors living in our county.  During this time of COVID-19, the Holy Family Senior Center remains closed to all activities.  The Center was thriving with the doors open from 10-2pm, Monday through Friday, for almost 4 years with many activities including lunch, educational, social, art, yoga and exercise groups.  ECCC volunteers would plan activities for holidays and there would be a gathering of seniors from all different backgrounds in the Activity Room that often included food to share and music.  These days, Nancy Sewell is busy in the kitchen preparing meals to-go for seniors and a host of volunteers help to deliver to the homebound seniors on our list.  We also have three workers funded through Career Source assisting in keeping the building clean, helping during the lunch hour and keeping the grounds clean and the landscaping trimmed.  The Garden Volunteers continue their weekly watering and tending the garden activities.  Both the gardeners and lunch time activities could use you as a volunteer if you are able.  Both these activities can be done with a mask and involve very little to no contact with the public to keep everyone safe.  Please reach and out at the number below and join us.  For as little as one hour a week or month, you can really make a difference.  There are many benefits to volunteering including: counter the effects of stress, anger and anxiety; decrease depression; increase happiness and well-being; build confidence and provide a sense of purpose.  
ECCC would like to thank The Franklin County Health Department’s Talitha Robinson and Sarah Hinds, and the Franklin County Emergency Management’s, Pam Brownell and Jennifer Daniels, for collaborating to donate masks for seniors.  The masks were delivered out with the lunch meal to all participants.  We have more masks available so if you need some and you are over age 55, give us a call.  During the time that we have suspended activities at Holy Family, we could not do what we do with our generous donors and volunteers.  We want every senior in Franklin County to be safe and taken care of so if you or someone you know is in need, please let us know.  Our connections to each other can strengthen now more than ever as we reach out to check in on neighbors and by speaking up if you need help. Each of us can do our part to make sure that all elders, regardless of background, race, and socioeconomic means, are treated with respect and dignity.  We all count!ECCC’s phone number is 850-370-0116, email us at ecccfranklin@gmail.com, like us on FaceBook at ECCC – E Triple C or check our web site, ecccfranklin.org for more information and to see how you can get involved or make a donation.