Holy Family Senior Center gets Spring Cleaning Inside and OUT!

Elder Care Community Council Coordinates Spring Cleaning at Holy Family Senior Center.
The railings on the ramps at Holy Family are being replaced and painted. All materials were supplied by the City of Apalachicola. Labor efforts were led by Abraham Hartsfield, Hurricane Relief Worker for CareerSource Gulf Coast, along with The Franklin County Sheriff Dept Officer Newell and the inmate crew.  To complete the project, ECCC is in need of 5 gallons of paint and about 65 2×4’s to complete the project.  Call 850-370-0116 for more details.

A load of mulch was delivered from the County and is being spread in the gardens and around the building.  The Garden Group continues to maintain a weekly watering and weeding schedule for the raised beds in the Monarch Garden.  Veggies are growing in the vegetable beds that will be used in the daily lunches.  

The inside of the building is also being thoroughly organized and cleaned.  The kitchen is busy with daily lunch preparation and all activities are still on hold due to COVID-19.  Outreach calls continue by volunteers to check in on elders. A big thank you to everyone that has donated to ECCC during this time of closure and staying home.  We have received generous cash donations, dried food, canned food, frozen food, a food processor, togo lunch boxes, baked goods, cleaning supplies, etc.  ECCC could not do what we are doing without the community outpouring of love for the elders.  We hope everyone stays safe and remind you to reach out to a senior you know.  Go ahead and make someone’s day and let’s keep taking care of each other.    If you know of someone in need, please let us know by calling 850-370-0116. Donate on our web site, www.ecccfranklin.org or mailing address:  PO Box 335, Eastpoint, Florida 32328.